Ninjutsu Instruction Via Home Study

A debate that I hear often enough is that it is either bad or
impossible for someone to learn Ninjutsu or any martial art for that
matter via home study. While I do agree with the importance of
training in an actual dojo I do believe someone can learn primarily
from home study and be just as effective as someone who has only
trained in a real dojo. The keys (atleast in my opinion) are having a
good Uke (training partner), and visiting a dojo or event every so
Home study instruction is done from two mediums. Video and books.

Video is the best choice for obvious reasons and training material on video can be found in many places be it purchased or searched for online on sites like YouTube.
Video instruction is much more similar to training in a dojo than
most people would care to admit. The techniques are shown from all
angles, and are carefully explained. Which is much the same as
watching and listening to a live instructor. If you miss something or
need to hear an explanation or see a technique again just rewind the
video. Much the same as raising a hand and saying "Could you do that
You also have the benefit of training in a martial art that may not be offered anywhere near you. The International Bujinkan Dojo has a very useful forum on their website that you can access with a membership. The information found there coupled with the connection to so many other students really makes it worth the membership and can benefit your training in a very profound way.
So if you are thinking about joining the ranks of the many people
who train from home (and I've done it for years) I hope this article
helped you in your decision. It really is a good and legitimate way to

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