Ninjutsu Product Review: Ninjutsu Home Study Course (IBDA)

My friend and I ordered the Ninjutsu Black Belt Home Study Course back in 1999. I think we saw an ad for it in Black Belt magazine. It was a bit pricey ($379.00 at the time) especially for two teenagers, but we eventually came up with enough to order it. And we're glad that we did.

We didn't have the option of the DVD version and it's a shame as the VHS tapes are fine but the quality of DVD is much better. The set came with the ten video tapes, a pretty well put together manual (that was great for quick reference), a shoulder patch (still on my uniform after all this time so as to show it's quality), a year membership to the International Bujinkan Dojo, and it was supposed to have included a Japanese pronunciation audio tape but it wasn't in the package.

The videos themselves are pretty well put together. The intoductions for each of the videos were the same and while the graphics may have been a little choppy the demonstrations of some of the more advanced techniques were pretty cool.

The instruction that came from the videos was great. All of it was explained in detail really well and the video quality was really good. I was very pleased and don't regret the purchase whatsoever.

My advice to anyone debating on whether or not to order the Ninjutsu Black Belt Home Study Course is to buy it and enjoy the great instruction it has to offer!


  1. How exactly did the testing work?

  2. i got this on dvd and its great, other great videos for ninjutsu are by masaaki hatsumi himself "masaaki hatsumi the ninja fighting art"