Tachi - What is it exactly?

  Most of you probably know, but if you don't, the Tachi is going to be the weapon for the 2010 Bujinkan theme. Since it isn't a weapon typically taught in Ninjutsu I thought I would go over the details of the weapon in this article.

 The tachi is the predecessor of the katana and some tachi were actually cut down to make katana once the katana became the standard.

 Tachi were typically longer on average than the katana, with the average tachi being roughly 78-80cm while the average katana came in at around 70-72cm. It also had a more pronounced curvature both in the blade and the tsuka (handle).

 One of the most different features of the tachi versus a katana is that the tachi was worn with the blade facing downwards. Hung from the obi (or belt) by ornate hangers the tachi was a good weapon for calvary as the downward facing blade was good for drawing and cutting down enemy infantry. The fittings of the sword also set it apart from the later katana and it seems to me that the tachi was much more ornate than the average katana.

 I'm sure you can find many more facts about tachi if you searched around the net but I think this is enough information to give you a good idea as to what they are. If you are interested in buying one for training this year, you find them reasonably priced at many online sword stores.

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