Ninjutsu Videos

 In this new series I will post the Ninjutsu videos that I find on sites like YouTube. They may be of any variety ranging from fun to imformative. They will however all be relevant in some way. You won't find Naruto episodes but rather actual Ninjutsu. Please note that just because both I and this site are of the Bujinkan way of being you should not be surprised if I post videos from other Ninjutsu schools like the Genbukan etc. If I feel the information is good I will post it. If for some reason you do not like a particular video or find that it is not relevant please feel free to either not view it or leave a comment telling me why and I will consider taking it down. I want to keep this site as much yours as my own so what you think always has and always will play an important role.

 Please also note that most of the video I post here will have come from video sharing sites like YouTube and I will never claim ownership of the media that I embed. I will always provide a link to the original media that I used and if for any reason you would like me to take down something I've posted that is yours please leave a comment and I will do so. I don't feel that this will be too much a problem since video sharing sites provide an embedding feature for just this reason and it is quite common place for people to use each others media. Still, if it is a problem, let me know and I will resolve it. Also, any video you find here that is in fact our property, please feel free to use it so long as it is used in a respectful manner.

 Thanks and please enjoy!

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