Ninjutsu Product Review: Dragon Fury Katana

 This review is for the Dragon Fury Katana by Musashi. I purchased the sword from trueswords.com and I've seen it on other sites by different names so it could be called something else if you go through someone other than the site I bought it from. Trueswords.com is a great company that I will deffinately go through again but I'll save my review of them for another article.

 This katana is awesome! It is elegant and beutiful, not to mention sharp, well balanced and of suberb craftsmanship. I really couldn't be happier. The series of swords from Musashi that this particular katana comes from were crafted with the intent of bringing the highest quality katana to the consumer at the lowest possible price. They are very nicely done and are NOTHING like those cheaply made swords you find in most stores or sites for around the same price. This katana looks, feels, and performs like one of it's really expensive counterparts.

 Here are the specs from Musashi :

  • Fully Functional "Battle Ready" (they aren't kidding!)
  • High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Thoroughly Tempered the Water-Cooled for Consistent Hardness
  • Can Be Completely Disassembled
  • Measures 40.5" w/Saya and 39" w/o
  • Blade is 28.25"
  • Full Tang w/Dual Pegs Offering Better Stability
  • Brass Seppa (spacers) and Habaki (blade collar)
  • Other Fittings Are Made From A Zinc Alloy (this is one way they keep costs/price low)
  • Real Same (Ray skin on handle, beneath the wrap)
  • Nicely Detailed Tsuba (hand guard)
 The best thing is this sword, with all the high-end features that it has only cost me around $60! You're probably thinking "Yeah right, at that price this katana is probably horrible". Nope! I would recommend this katana to anyone who is looking for a great, high quality katana without breaking the bank.

 This thing also cuts really well and I plan to put up a video of me doing some cutting with it. Just have to wait for more tameshigiri mats to come in! Here are some pictures for you in the meantime.

A detailed view of the tsuka (handle) 

A detailed view of the tsuba (hand guard). Notice the great polish on the saya! (scabbard). 

Detailed view of the habaki (blade collar).
Detailed view of the kissaki (blade tip).
That pretty much sums up my review of the Dragon Fury Katana. I hope you found this article helpful!

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